Watchtower Projections

Watching in Reverent Awe & Projecting in the Light of Truth, through Beauty, in a dark & delusional age.


Gladsome Light (69 min)

A film about Byzantine Christian monks

Encounter (74 min)

A docudrama revealing life as a pilgrimage.


First Day of Spring


Guardian of the Heart

UNPLUG (2 min)

20th Anniversary Matrix Tribute • "Wake up!"

Be Watchful (9 Min)

Imagery from the life of an artist-watchman

"Cast Out They Were" (19 Min)

Are aliens actually demons?

Prayer of the Heart (9 min)

a man's actual inner dialogue with God

B Watchman

B.Watchman creates short films, documentaries, & podcasts from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is willing to travel or work remotely on your next project. For larger projects, he collaborates with local artists to accomplish the desired tasks at hand.

B. Watchman

Filmmaker | Voice Artist

"If we try to do it alone, it will be hard and unsuccessful. If we do it with good friends it will be hard & successful." Zen Proverb

His Kingdom thru the Arts

"Through the beauty and appropriateness of our creative works we can touch others and draw them closer to God. Here, then, is artistry, for true art is essentially the communication of truth through beauty. In the beauty of human creations we can catch glimpses of the divine..." | The Monks

"During preparations for making a new film it is quite clear to me that I am not allowed to consider it to be some form of independent art, a free creation, but rather an implementation of what is perhaps pressing forth from within, where it is not a matter of enjoyment but rather of a painful, perhaps burdening, duty..."

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