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We proclaim thru Public Speaking and portray thru the Cinematic Arts!

The Watchtower Projections of B. Watchman seek to openly proclaim and portray in the light of truth, through beauty, in a darkened and often delusional age.


The Essence of Christianity

"In the fullness of time, He came."

The Essence of Christianity Continued

"A way of life that fully calms our spirit.“


"A radical choice."

To Be Disciples

What does it mean to follow the Master?

Be Watchful

"Watch and Pray"

Empowering Youth! Forming Ministers!

In addition creating in the cinematic arts, we have been sent out to the people of God, empowering teens to be disciples of Christ and forming ministers to become Apostles to the youth. "What I say to you in the darkness, SPEAK in the light; what you hear whispered, PROCLAIM on the housetops." | Jesus Christ, The Divine Logos of God




Parish Missions


Performing Arts

Who is this Watchman?

B. Watchman is from the awesome wilderness of Upper Michigan on the southern shores of Lake Superior. Born and raised a Catholic Christian, Watchman first responded to the call to witness to youth of all ages when just a teen. B. Watchman projects from a worldview, which holds a deep yearning for the unifying of all peoples and creation through the person of Jesus Christ, Who is Beauty Himself, the Divine Logos of God. May the Watchtower Projections of B. Watchman call us to an internal and unceasing prayer bringing healing to our own lives and those around us in union with the Mystical Body - "So all may be One.”


Youth Speaker • Retreat Director • Digital Artist

“Hear me as one afraid to speak, but unable to remain silent." | St. Bernard of Clairvoux

B. Watchman's Resume & Timeline

As the motto of Frederik Baraga reveals, (UNUM EST NECESSARIUM) there is only One Thing Necessary in life, namely, the love of God. Academic study and practical knowledge gets us so far, but it is the gift of SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE through the acquisition of THE HOLY SPIRIT that leads to life. The true theologian is one who prays and is prayer - their doctorate is IN GOD. That being said, here are some highlights of B. Watchman's background:

Discovered the Christian East at Assumption Orthodox Church in Marquette, Michigan, followed by St. Matthew's Orthodox Church in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and later by St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Befriended the Monks of Holy Transfiguration Skete, a Byzantine Catholic Monastery in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Also befriended the Monks of Holy Resurrection Monastery in St. Nazianz, Wisconsin and the Monks and Nuns of New Skete in Cambridge, New York. The journey continues...
Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
Made a prolonged pilgrimage to the sacred sites and monasteries of ancient Christianity. Including Norcia, Subiaco, Monte Cassino (St. Benedict), Assisi (Ss. Francesco & Chiara), Egypt (Monastery and Cave of St. Antony & St. Katerina's at Mount SInai), Jerusalem (St. Melania, Russian Sisters on the Mount of Olives), Nazareth, and all of Galilee.
Master of Arts in Catholic Studies / Divinity
Establishment of the ministry of projecting in the light of truth through public speaking and the cinematic arts.
Establishment of the joint collaboration of cinematic artists between Gchild Productionz and Watchtower Projections.
Served as a Youth Minister and Campus Minister for multiple Catholic Parishes and their schools in Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
Served as the Executive Director of The Priory Retreat House; a not for profit 501c3 in the Adirondack Mountains. Established a Chapel community in the Byzantine Rite.

B. Watchman's Creative Team

B.Watchman is supported by his closest allies in the speaking world. Jeffrey Geniesse serves as the Talent Agent, Cinematographer, and Guest Speaker and is also head of Light and Sound Design for our larger venues. Lanni Lantto is also a Guest Speaker and Story-Teller and Manages the operation.


B. Watchman | Lanni Lantto | Jeffrey "Gchild" Geniesse

"If we try to do it alone, it will be hard and unsuccessful. If we do it with good friends it will be hard & successful." Zen Proverb

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The Mystical Body of Christ: projecting in the Light of Truth since 33 A.D.

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