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“When I dream of the log walls and dark pantry,
I sense that it’s only a dream.

Then my joy is clouded,
for I know I’ll wake up.

Sometimes something happens
and I stop dreaming of the house and the pines…

Then I grieve…
and wait for the dream that will make me a child again,
and I’ll be happy knowing that all still lies ahead,
and nothing is impossible.”

(screenshot and quote from “The Mirror” by Andrei Tarkovsky)

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“ It is obvious that art cannot teach anyone anything, since in four thousand years humanity has learnt nothing at all. We should long ago have become angels had we been capable of paying attention to the experience of art, and allowing ourselves to be changed in accordance with the ideals it expresses. Art only has the capacity, through shock and catharsis, to make the human soul receptive to good. It’s ridiculous to imagine that people can be taught to be good…Art can only give food – a jolt – the occasion – for psychical experience. ” (Tarkovsky, ‘Sculpting In Time’, pg. 50)

image: still form Tarkovsky’s ‘Andrei Rublev’

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