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Images from the Watchman’s weekly Poustinia.

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Projecting in the Light of Truth….

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Regardless of the age a person might live in, we are all called to “speak in the light” what has been spoken to us in our hearts through art and the lives we live. In order to carry out this seemingly divine commission, we must be still and alert, becoming sober-minded while continually growing in the ancient wisdom of experiencing the beautiful on our way to God. In collaboration with youth and other artists, B. Watchman projects to nearby and distant lands in the hope of sharing this experience of the beautiful with others. The works and artistic findings of Watchtower Projections seek to have an appreciation for the rhetorical, literary, visual, musical, and performing arts, as well as the art of prayer and the sacred arts found in The Divine Liturgy or Holy Mass. Emphasis is also placed on the details of the created universe through deep space imagery and everyday captures that usually go unnoticed. All of which may invite us to open our hearts to transcendence and leading us in conspectum Dei – before the face of God. Remember to watch and pray in reverent awe and project IN the light of truth!

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